Oh, How I Hate Love Triangles


Okay, so I don’t know if I have told you guys, but I hate love triangles. They are maybe the worst thing that can happen to a book, because they just mess with my head, and they try to destroy my ships. NO ONE SHALL DESTROY MY SHIPS!

Most authors can’t even write a love triangle well. I think that love triangles should show equal affection to both of the people who love the main character. Most authors lean to one character and I hate that, because then you know who the character is gonna “choose.” I just hate that, if there is gonna be a triangle that destroys my ships, at least let it be a good one.

And then there are the love triangles that shouldn’t even be called love triangles. Like the Matched Trilogy. I am sorry if you love that series, but it was just written poorly. The whole Cassia, Ky, and Xavier thing was stupid. Xavier had a thing for Cassia. He shouldn’t have been called a main character, either. Because Cassia didn’t even have a thing for Xavier. They were just besties to Cassia. And she was with Ky throughout the whole series…so, sorry ’bout ya, Xavier.

But there is one love triangle I just gotta appreciate. The one in Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight. Because I actually felt for both Chaol and Dorian. And whoever Celaena ends up with, I’ll be happy with it. I just ship both ships, which makes me a bad fangirl.

Anyway, I just wanted to rant about my hate for love triangles because ranting is endlessly fun.

Allegiant Trailer

Okay, so I haven’t found out how to exactly insert gifs and videos, but I will. For now, I will just keep posting the pictures of the movie. So, I just found out the Allegiant trailer has been out for a while.

I am so excited, I literally can't even!

I am so excited, I literally can’t even!

So, there is apparently a part one and part two, because trilogies can never be trilogies, and we have to make the fans wait forever for the second part. I watched the trailer and cried my eyes out. If you haven’t read Allegiant yet, please don’t watch the movies. Well, if you wanna read the book, I suggest not to watch the movies. Because everything will be a major spoiler.

I am so sad with the ending of Allegiant that I am hesitant to watch the movie. So I will be drinking water everyday in the month of March, to hydrate for the movies. My crying will have no limits. Why did Veronica Roth do that to us? I don’t know.

But the movie comes out in March 2016 and I don’t think I can wait that long for it. I am gonna force my friends to take me to see it. I am so excited!

Hallowed Book Review

Title: Hallowed Author: Cynthia Hand Star Rating: 4

Title: Hallowed
Author: Cynthia Hand
Star Rating: 3.5

Okay, so remember how I said that I was gonna read Magnus Chase? Well, apparently, I just lied. Thought, to be fair, I didn’t know that I was gonna read this today. And I still did reading sprints. So, I feel like the lie wasn’t bad. At all. And I downloaded and read it in four hours, it is a nice, easy read. This book was good! I enjoyed it and I recommend it. First, you should read the first book, because this is the second book, and NOTHING would make sense if you started out here. I mean, I was a lil’ bit confuzzled and I only read the first book this July.

This book is about a girl named, Clara, who is a Quatarius (I believe that is how you spell it.) That means that her mother is an half- angel (or a Dimidus) and that her father is human. So that makes her, has a quarter of angel blood. A summer ago, she began her first purpose (her first quest as a Quartarius.) Which was to save a guy (Christian Prescott) from a fire. And how she chose to save Tucker Avery (her boyfriend) from the fire instead of Christian. And how she had to fight a Black Wing (?)

Now, she has a new vision, not necessarily a purpose. She sees herself at a hill. This whole book is about her discovering more about her heritage, finding out what the vision means, and her fighting off the Black Wing (Samajeeza.) And the main problem, really, is which guy she is gonna choose. Tucker or Christian.


The only thing I really disliked about this book was the fact that there was no real problem. I mean, I thought the Samajeeza would be the problem, but then Michael banished him. Then, I thought maybe that she would have to save Tucker when she found out that the hill was a cemetery. But NOPE! The main problem she focuses on is being depressed about her mom’s death (which is completely normal.) But the other problem is, “Who is she gonna choose?” And she ends up not choosing, but running away from her problems. She kinda, sorta breaks it off with Tucker.

I hate love triangles, okay? I mean, I despise them. Because the guy who she is going to choose is obvious. And I think that Clara is gonna choose Christian. Do I like Christian? No, no I do not. But I also dislike Tucker (well, in this book.) So, the love triangle REALLY irked me.

We also had a major shocker! Which really boosted up the bad love triangle. So, Clara’s dad, is MICHAEL. Yeah, that’s right, MICHAEL. THE ANGEL. In the first book I thought that she was a Quartarius. Because, well, that is what the author led us to believe. But in this book, I feel like what her mom was hiding, was terribly obvious. I did think that her father would end up being Samajeeza, though. So I was still off. Clara is what they call a Triplare. Which means that she is three quarters angel-blood, not one quarter.

Michael turns out to be a decent guy/angel/dad. I mean, he scared off her boyfriend, and bought her ice cream and a car. I mean, that is what all dads do right? (well, the ones I know wouldn’t buy a car for her, but still!) And he banished Samajeeza.

Jeffery was such a pain. Am I the only one who was glad when he left? I feel as if he is gonna join the dark side. Michael and their mom said that Triplares are prone to darkness. His wings are dark and he set the woods on fire. I do feel bad that his purpose got messed up and I could understand why he would be mad at Clara. But why didn’t he tell his mom and Clara about HIS visions? He would have gotten an equal amount of attention. But I guess the book needed more conflict.

I didn’t dislike Tucker as much as I did Jeffery, but I did dislike him. He was mad at Clara for keeping everything so secret. Nothing was okay for him. His girlfriend is moving on, because she has more important things to do. Like, have fun in a foreign country with her bestie, and go to college. Like they don’t have the rest of there lives to be serious. And the way he reacted when Clara came clean about everything! He even said that he would be able to handle it! But whatever.

Christian seemed like a nice guy. And I did prefer him until he kissed her. I mean, he took her to his mother’s grave and started her waterworks, then he told her about his vision and kisses her. Like, really? And he seemed to force a relationship between them. Which I hate in any book, with any guy/girl, no matter what species.

Am I the only one who doesn’t trust Angela? She keeps an awful lot of secrets. She is very vague about everything they study in the club. Not only that, but everything she teaches seems to be off in a way. And it is weird how they only seem to hang out with each other. Just her, Clara, and Christian. Like they can’t hang out with anyone else. Even Clara’s mom criticizes on how she hangs with Tucker.

Alright, I do believe that is the end of my rant on dislikes. I seem not to have anything positive to say about this book, which is odd, because I did enjoy it. Anyway, happy reading!

What I Am Currently Reading

Yeah, this is AWESOME!

Yeah, this is AWESOME!

Okay, so, I didn’t know what to read for a while. I know, how awful of me. But then, a miracle happened, and it is called a new Rick Riordan book. I am a major Rick Riordan fan. I have read everything he has ever written and I am obsessed with Percy Jackson. I couldn’t get the book right away, but the important thing is that I got it! And I love it.

I am gonna be doing some major reading sprints (that is what my dear friend calls them) every day. Because a new Rick Riordan obsession sounds incredibly fun, right? My review will come soon !

Summary from GR: Magnus Chase has always been a troubled kid. Since his mother’s mysterious death, he’s lived alone on the streets of Boston, surviving by his wits, keeping one step ahead of the police and the truant officers.

One day, he’s tracked down by a man he’s never met—a man his mother claimed was dangerous. The man tells him an impossible secret: Magnus is the son of a Norse god.

The Viking myths are true. The gods of Asgard are preparing for war. Trolls, giants and worse monsters are stirring for doomsday. To prevent Ragnarok, Magnus must search the Nine Worlds for a weapon that has been lost for thousands of years.

When an attack by fire giants forces him to choose between his own safety and the lives of hundreds of innocents, Magnus makes a fatal decision.

Sometimes, the only way to start a new life is to die . . .

Doesn’t it sound so cool?! Happy reading guys!


You should pick this up, it is good so far!


Woo-Hoo! I am so excited!

Woo-Hoo! I am so excited!

Okay, for those of you who do not know what NaNoWriMo is, then let me tell you! NaNoWriMo is pretty much the best writing event! Okay, so it is a writing thing. I can’t really describe  it. So, you write a novel that has to be at least 50,000 words in it. And it has to be finished by the end of November. It starts at midnight of November 1.

I am so hyped for it, and I absolutely cannot wait! My friend did remind me that I needed to sign up this year. And I did. I think that I already have an idea of what I am going to do. I have had this writing idea for a couple of years, but I haven’t been able to put it to paper, and not cry because of my writing insecurities.

I am just so excited! I literally can’t even right now! Tell me your feels about my idea. Wish me luck on NaNoWriMo, guys!

Crown of Midnight Review

Title: Crown of Midnight Author: Sarah J. Maas Star Rating: 4.9

Title: Crown of Midnight
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Star Rating: 5+

Okay, so, yeah. I think I told you guys that I would try to get the book ASAP.and I did. I got it yesterday and finished it yesterday if that tells you anything. I loves this book so much. Not as much as the first one because some of my beautiful book babies were hurting. *cough cough Dorian*

I loved the characters, that didn’t change. But Dorian acted a little strange in this one, and I think that it was because of jealousy. He actually thought that Celaena didn’t care for him, and that she just tried to get into his heart for the spot as the King’s Champion. I hurt so much for Dorian but I was happy for Celaena and Chaol.

Yeah, I shipped Celaena and Chaol until THAT THING happened. When THAT THING happened I cried. So much, because it hurt my fangirl heart so much. And after shipping them really hard, it just really upset me. Because he didn’t think THAT would happen to Nehemia. And I wanted things to go back to the happy fluff stuff. It didn’t happen. By the end of the book, I found that I didn’t know which one I loved more, Dorian or Chaol.

Celaena was a lil’ more feisty in this one. For example, when she went to the warehouse and killed nearly every living thing in there. I was in awe of Celaena’s awesomeness, and scared for everyone around her. That fear of what would happen to the people around her, wasn’t a wrong feeling, because then THAT THING happened.

So, if you haven’t read the book, I suggest you don’t read the rest of the blog, because major spoilers.

So when Nehemia died I was shocked. Because I didn’t trust Nehemia this book, and didn’t really trust her in this first one either. Then, the whole rebel organization happened, and Arthur killed her! I was so shocked because I did trust him and I shouldn’t have. So, when Chaol did learn that there was an Anonymous Threat (i think that that’s what he called it) to Nehemia’s life, I didn’t worry. But I did want him to tell Celaena. Reading that warehouse scene, I knew that Celaena prolly would’ve tried to protect Nehemia. And I didn’t really mourn Nehemia.

Then, she almost killed Chaol! When the knife suspended in midair, I had no idea what was going on. Thankfully, Dorian goes on to explain that to her later. I mean, my fangirl heart almost died in that scene, and if she actually killed him, I prolly would have died. Thank the Gods for Dorian’s sudden ability to use magic. Then, instead of hurting for Dorian, I hurt for Chaol. I couldn’t imagine how that would have felt.

But when Celaena almost killed him, it reminded me of that Divergent scene. It is the one where Four is under the simulation and tries to kill Tris. And that stops, literally, right when he was about to pull the trigger. And she was all like, “Four, it’s me. Four, I love you. Four, please.” Did anyone else think of that?

We were in that passage way scene, for what felt like forever. And the demon thing was bad. Really bad. Thank God that Dorian had the dream, not that he wouldn’t have found another way to realize that she was in danger. I was a little mad that he went to Chaol for help. After the heart breaking of my heart, he went to go get CHAOL! Because that wouldn’t make your trip to save Celaena longer.

Was everyone else shocked about Celaena being Fae? No? Because I was. I stayed up late reading the book. So late, that my whole family went to bed when I just started the book. When I went into my full shock mode, I woke up my pets in the house, and my family. And prolly a couple of neighbors.

Not only is she Fae, but she is the freakin’ lost Queen of Terasen (? I forgot how to spell it)

Me: Holy Alien Babies EVERYWHERE!

Book: Yup.

I loved this book so much! And if you haven’t read it, please do. It is fabulous! I am starting to think that Sarah J. Maas is my new obsession. (my last was Cassandra Clare.)

Happy reading ya beautiful peoples!

Throne of Glass Review

Title: Throne of Glass Author: Sarah J. Maas Star rating: 2.5

Title: Throne of Glass
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Star rating: 2.5

So, yeah, this book is fantastic. I mean, a really beautiful thing, and Maas is a writing goddess.

A summary in my own, gorgeous words: So, it is about a fabulous, famous, assassin named Celaena Sardothien. Who happens to be the coolest chick on this Earth (well, wherever they live.) She is hunted by the prince, Dorian Havilliard, and is found in Endovier. Endovier is a place for bad peoples(?) And there is a contest basically, for a spot as the King’s favorite assassin. Or his “Champion.” Yeah, that is all Imma tell you, because literally 0 spoilers given in this summary.

I love this book and I am obsessed, sad, and angry. Sad and angry because I can’t get the next one. Obviously obsessed because I love it. Lemme tell you about Dorian Havilliard. He is the cat’s meow, okay? He is bae. And I love him with every single bone in my body. He is such a sweetheart and I am sad that him and my dear sweet, Celanea cannot be together. Like, have these people ever heard of secrets? Prolly, since she is an assassin and they hid that from everyone who wasn’t an assassin themselves.  Have they ever heard of innocent flirtation? Yes, they flirt constantly. It just really breaks my heart. Do you understand?

But Chaol is okay, and if she ended up with Chaol, I wouldn’t be the least happiest person on Earth. Because Chaol seems pretty attractive, funny at times, and seems to have a thing for Celaena, but because he is not Dorian, I will not be very happy. Well, this is only the first book and I never will know which I like better until the other books.

Cain is just a bad person and I loathe him! Oh how I despise him! This part will contain spoilers, so if ya haven’t read this book yet, then please, skip this paragraph. So, he disgusts me. I can and can’t believe what he did to the other assassins. Just disgusting. The Duel? I couldn’t believe that he had his demons there! And how Kaltain and the Duke planned to poison Celaena. It all worked out well for Cain, well, until Chaol killed him. Woohoo! Go Chaol!

I loved the ending and I am thrilled to (maybe) have the next book! Happy reading guys!