Crank by Ellen Hopkins


Title: Crank Author: Ellen Hopkins Star Rating: 0, It sucketh!

Ugh, this book. This book sucks, it is so depressing. I am not a happy camper, so I don’t need to read anything that will make me more upset than I already am. This book should be the definition of depressing. Grrr. I think I will just summarize the book and then talk about it.

It is about a girl named, Kristina, who has an alter ego, Bree. Good Gods, Bree is the worst. Bree needs to keep her butt inside Kristina, and should never come out. She moves in with her dad for a while and falls for a guy. Adam/Buddy. May the alter egos live happily ever after. But, yeah, no. I didn’t want them to live happily ever after. His love for Crank is what made me want to crawl into a dark hole. It is what made Bree come out in the first place. But Kristina/Bree cannot stay with her dad forever. So, she moves back.

It is an interesting move back, because Bree is stronger, her addiction is stronger, and she really misses Adam. Adam suggests that they should see other people and her heart tears into two. She goes to a pool and gets herself two boyfriends. Chase and Brendan. I thought Brendan was gonna be the nice one at first. Man, was I wrong. She hangs out with Chase more than she does with Brendan. Guess what name she gave them? Bree. She came clean to Chase but around Brendan she is still Bree.

She gets high with both of them, with Chase it is all the time, but she only did it with Brendan once, and it was a big mistake. He raped her. She got pregnant. But she found out after she sleeps with Chase and she thinks that Chase is the baby daddy.

Chase goes to college and she keeps the baby.

Well, at least in the end she isn’t terribly addicted while she was pregnant. Thank the Gods, really. She only lit up twice whilst being preggars. This book was complete torture. It reminded me a lot of The Spectacular Now. And honestly, I thought both The Spectacular Now and Crank would be great reads. I have come to the conclusion that I should not read a book about addiction and alcoholics. Because a lot of people liked these books and I hated them. I didn’t even complete The Spectacular Now, though I really wanna see the movie.

Anyway, I don’t recommend this book. It was torture, and I don’t know why I finished it. Maybe I wanted to see the character change completely…

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books That I Am Thankful For


Honestly, I am super new to this. I don’t really know what to do, but I know it is a thing and I wanna participate! My gorgeous friend did this and it showed up in my reader, and you know, I wanna feel like I belong. So Top Ten Tuesday was created by lovely at:

Twilighttopten.jpg Okay, before you get all whatever, let me tell you why I am thankful for this book. It made me venture into the YA world, and it doubled my love for reading. I fell in love with this book world and now I know what bad writing is! I am thankful in two different ways! It made me become a crazy reader and it made me know what bad writing is. So I must thank Stephanie Meyer. And Imma reread this book pretty soon, so expect a long, beautiful rant.

HarryPotterTop10.jpg This book is not bad. I still love it, and I hope that there will be a rereading in the future. I fell deeply in love with this book series. I also bonded with someone over our love for Harry Potter. We raced on which person would finish the next book. I recommend this book no matter who you are!

LuxenTopTen2 This taught me not to hate on syfy and nerds. Because I never thought that I would love a book about aliens. I thought I could never be that nerdy. Well, now I am in love with Star Wars and all things nerdy, alien, and syfy. Sadly, this gorgeous book series has ended, but the author has more!

CityofBones Ugh! This book probably made me a fangirl. Sure, I loved other books before this series, but not the way I loved this one. It made me obsessive, and and well, and fangirl. I watched panels, I drew runes all over myself, I watched the movie over and over again. Thank the Gods that this book came along, otherwise I wouldn’t rant and cry over words on a page.

TKaMHL Alrighty. I may have been prejudiced about classics. In fact,I denied reading any classic that came my way. I rolled my eyes when my mother handed me the book. I was so caught up in the supernatural world, that I didn’t wanna read a book that is realistic. Sure, classics win awards, but I don’t wanna read about things that could actually happen. I would much rather stick my nose in a book that contains things that I’ll never have to worry about. This book made me shove aside all those feels. I read it, and thank the Gods I did.

Halfway through! WOOHOO!


TFIOSTop10 This book reminds me that my soul is still intact. And that I can cry my eyes out at a movie trailer, a word, oh! and anything that says “Okay” on it. Thank you, TFIOS, for making me cry my eyes out. I really needed the cleanse.

IGYtSTop10.jpg Oooh! Isn’t this cover so pretty? I must thank this book. This book, I can’t even word when it comes to this book! It made me extremely thankful for my adorable little sibling, Mew (yes, I call her Mew.) It made me judge people less. I love this book, and if you haven’t read it yet, you get off of your behind right now and find a copy.

theimmortalrulestop10.jpg Yes, I have reviewed this book in this blog. It made me have faith in the vampire world again. At Twilight, everything went downhill. Well, I dislike all vampire books, really. But this was a good book and it had an interesting twist on vampires. I am reading the second book, The Eternity Cure, right now.

TLTRRTop10 This was the first YA book I read with a male main character. I really do prefer a female POV, because, ya know, boys are gross. But this book changed my thoughts, and I absolutely LOVE this gorgeous book. It also made me think about other religions and not just monotheistic religions, and the possibility of it all.

PURPLE Oh look! Another classic! I am thankful for this book because it made realize how awesome it is to be a white female in the 21st Century. Thankful that I don’t have to fear racists, and how lucky I am.

What books are you thankful for? Lemme know in the comments below!

Orchestra Problems

Chosen Review

Okay, so this has nothing to do with books/movies. Obviously. But if I don’t talk about my frustration, I may die. I have been reading. I recently finished a book called Out of the Dust. I’m not gonna write a review on it, but I will write a review soon. Back to what I was saying.

I am a cellist. I have played for a few months now, and I can play all notes on three strings. Well, I can play all notes on every string. I just don’t know the note names on my C string. I can do a lot of stuffs, I feel pretty awesome, and I believe that the cello is the best instrument on this Earth.


It is a gorgeous instrument. I love my cello, and I have named her Aria. I have two babies: My Fur Baby, and my gorgeous Aria. But this gorgeous thing, makes me cry sometimes.

Like how in the winter something happens to the wood, causing my pegs to die, making my strings weak and break, and then they need to be restrung. I didn’t know these things until just a day or so ago. My A String peg has died twice now.

It just sorta flops on my bridge, and doesn’t make any noise. It will flop off of my bridge if I mess with it enough. I know that my parents just celebrate every time I tell them we need to head to the store and get it fixed. I don’t know how to tune my my baby yet, but I now can hear the difference, and I try, staring in horror at Aria, to fix it. Never works.


Today I practiced. I have a concert next month, I would like to have muscle memory so I don’t have to rely on my stand partner (who is not gonna be there) to bring the sheets. I most likely will not bring my sheet music… #irresponsible

There are parts in two songs I have to play. One is the Holly and the Ivy and the other one is Jingle Bells. In the Holly and the Ivy, I have to play F, E, F. Pretty simple, just remove my third finger from the D String. Then in Jingle Bells, I have to play E, Open D, and then E again. I mix these up. I just sit there on my chair, screaming at my music. Look around the room and talk to myself on how easy the notes are, and how I shouldn’t be struggling because of easy notes.


Then, something that just kills me happens. Without looking at the music, I play the song without any problem.


Then, thinking I was invincible, I play looking at the music. I fail a lot… I don’t even understand how that works. That would be like having trouble sleeping with your eyes closed, and then you sleep perfectly with your eyes open. RAWR!

Yup, does anybody else have these annoying issues? Please, if you do, please tell me.


No Mazes For Me… Ever- The Shining Movie Review

Title: The Shining Screenwriter: Stanely Kubrick, Based on a novel by Stephen King Star Rating: 5+

Title: The Shining
Screenwriter: Stanely Kubrick, Based on a novel by Stephen King
Star Rating: 5+

Holy Moly, my heart is still pounding. I don’t know why I never watched this movie before, or why I don’t own it. It has been out since 1980, no excuse as to why I have never watched it before. I am going to read the book, and I am ashamed that I watched the movie before I read the book. Well, at least now I understand the reference in Friends.

It was scary, to say the least. Really, I was freaked out for the majority of the time. How the father slowly became crazy… Yeah… #scarred4life

The twins were probably the thing that was the least bit of scary. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t freaked out by the twins, with their whole, “Play with us forever.” thing.

Tell me that these little girls aren't creepy. I think Shadow and I will go as them next year...

Tell me that these little girls aren’t creepy. I think Shadow and I will go as them next year…

So me during the movie, hiding under my blanket

So me during the movie, hiding under my blanket

But, there were parts where I straight up just stared at the screen like this:


Not just because it was scary, but in parts, I’m just like, “Really?” Especially when the mother just kept swinging the bat in the air, not hitting the father a bit. If it were me, I would’ve jumped on the father and would’ve knocked him out cold with the bat, but you know, dumb people in horror movies. Its like they had never took “How To Survive In a Horror Movie” and they took “How To Be Dumb In a Horror Movie” instead. Did anyone teach the mother common sense? Swinging a bat at the air takes a lot of energy you’re gonna need later. Thankfully, when he got too close to her, she hit him a lil’ bit on his head.

I honestly was freaked out by the black man. When he knew what to call Danny, a alarm sounded off in my head. Then he spoke to Danny in his head. That just freaked me out to no end. THEN THE MOTHER JUST LET DANNY STAY WITH THE MAN! I just don’t understand. Who leaves their child with a stranger? It just confuzzles me. But he ended up bein’ a good guy, but I still didn’t trust him for a while. And of course, that guy was the one who was slaughtered in the end. I thought that the mother would be slaughtered and the black man and Danny would live.

I knew Danny was gonna live anyway, because there is a second book based on Danny, which is called Doctor Sleep.

But you know what freaked me out the most? Really? Yeah, well, there were two things that freaked me out equally, these things truly terrified me.

This weird scene, where the mother is running around the hotel, trying to find Danny. She runs by a room with this in it:


What the Hell is that thing? That thing with the man! What is it? A dog, a bear? I don’t know and I am really terrified by it. I don’t even understand, I just literally can’t even with this freaky little animal thing. It was literally in my nightmare last night, no lie. I don’t even know what they are doing? It don’t look like anything based on where the weird thing’s hand is, just sayin’. It freaked me out to know end. When the mother stood there in horror, I was already freaked out. Thankfully, I didn’t jump on the other side of the couch unlike another time during a horror movie, which was also based on a Stephen King novel.

Don’t get me started on REDRUM. I was endlessly confuzzled when he just kept repeating it over and over again. It didn’t occur to me that it was “MURDER” backwards. It seems like the mother was really the only one in this movie as freaked out as I was. Well, she was scared more than I was, but whatever. She was comforting Danny, looked at the mirror and screamed bloody murder (haha) at Murder spelled in the mirror.

I didn’t like the Tony thing. I don’t see how Tony played into the whole thing. Was the Tony thing scary? Yes. But I don’t see the reason behind Tony. Other than just making me crazy. Because of Tony, I may freak out if my child has an imaginary friend. Thank you Tony, I needed that. I never really had an imaginary friend, so I cannot relate a bit.

You know what else I don’t understand? The people in horror movies, when they hear about people dying in the place, they act like everything is natural. Have you seen that one Vine, when he says, “This is how horror movies should end”? Yeah, well that was correct. So when the twins pop up, when the guy who murdered his family slowly drives the father crazy, I sit in my seat with a smug expression on my face.


And the blood filled in the halls, all over the wall… UGH! Grooooss. I mean, it even gets on the camera. This movie does a really good job at freaking me/disgusting me. I understand why Joey and Rachel keep the Shining in the freezer.


I hate mazes. I hated mazes before this movie. I hated them before I hated the Maze Runner. What if you don’t find your way out? Do you just stay in there, trying to find your way out forever. The maze in this movie, has nothing on any other maze in this world. I know a few peeps who saw the maze in real life… Ugh, yeah, no. Never, I would never go through a maze in my life. Not even if someone paid me a million dollars to go through one.


I don’t understand why Danny went through the maze anyway. It was winter, there is snow, peoples can track other peoples in the snow. SNOW LEAVES FOOTPRINTS! People in horror movies can be so daft. If I were being chased by a man who is carrying an ax, I would not go through the maze, ever.  That would not be my personal choice. I would run as far as I could out into the middle of no where.

The end, when he is just sitting in the snow. See, if the mother just beat the man senseless, he would have ended up like this:

Does this remind anyone of how you feel when you get out of the shower?  I feel like this when I get out of anything warm.

Does this remind anyone of how you feel when you get out of the shower? I feel like this when I get out of anything warm.

Seriously, I would have killed him much faster. I think it was smart of her to drag him into the kitchen, but uh, wouldn’t have been smarter just to kill him, rather than letting him rot in a closet? Am I right or am I right?

I still love this movie. Would I watch it again? Not really, now that I know how it ends. But I still think that is a fantastic movie, and I would love to see the face of Shadow watching it, who is a big fradey-cat. I am surprised if anyone else has not watched it. I feel like I am the only person who hasn’t watched it. WATCH IT IF YOU HAVEN’T YET, AND IF YOU HAVEN’T… SORRY THAT I HAVE SPOILED IT FOR YOU.

Rambles On Judas- Mimic Movie Review

Title: Mimic Screenwriter: Guillmero del Torro Star Rating: 5

Title: Mimic
Screenwriter: Guillmero del Torro
Star Rating: 5

I know that this movie isn’t new at all. And I mean at all, it is 18 years old now. But if I don’t ramble, I may explode. I don’t wanna explode, so Imma ramble on and on about this movie.

This movie is sooooo freaky, nasty, disgusting, and scary. No lie, this was how I looked for more than half of the movie:


It was weird, but it freaked the livin’ daylights outta me. You guys don’t know this, but I have a huge fear of bugs. HUGE. My fear has no limits. Spiders are the worst, but thankfully, they weren’t featured in this movie. Just some weird mutations of cockroaches and termites that can look like humans. Oh yeah, completely normal stuffs, right? These creatures don’t exist in real life, if they did, I would no longer live on planet Earth.


These weird little mutations in the movie, are called Judas. Yeah, mhm, Judas. I thought that the mutation was gonna all be okay. I dunno why, it was a horror movie, I should’ve known that those crazy, nasty, little mutations were not gonna be on the good team. They were about twice the size of Hayden Panettiere’s husband. They looked like humans. until they unfolded themselves and become large insects that can FLY. Yeah, they FLY.


If I saw ONE of those things, I would break into tears, and I would start running like a bat outta Hell. They are disgusting creatures.

They ate humans. Yeah, they stung them/stabbed them, and yeah. Don’t get me started on the babies. Ugh. They live in these egg sacks, which are nasty. If I could find a picture of it, I would show you. I even went through a lot of pictures of spiders to seek one out. The picture doesn’t exist. I could give you one of the adult Judas, though:




Tell me that these things aren’t terrifying. I may be scarred for life, with thousands of nightmares in the future. Ugh, I feel like insects are crawling all over me. I just had to ramble on about these nasty creatures.

If you are looking for a good scare, watch it. If you are scared of bugs, I warned you.

The Supernatural Gods Have Spoken- The Immortal Rules

Title: The Immortal Rules Author: Julie Kagawa Star Rating: 5

Title: The Immortal Rules
Author: Julie Kagawa
Star Rating: 5

The Supernatural Gods have spoken, Julie Kagawa may be the Queen of Vampires. Her world of vampires is officially my new favorite. She is a fantabulous writer, and I am writing a vampire book right now, I would feel like royalty if I did half as well as she did. It is just a fabulous book, and you should probably run to the bookstore right now if you haven’t read it yet.

How cool is that cover? It is so cool! It doesn’t look like the MC though. The MC is Asian, and tell me that this girl is Asian. I am a little upset about that. I still think that is a AWESOME COVER! The coolest book cover award goes toooooo: JULIE KAGAWA’S The Immortal Rules! Woohoo!


I swear, everything and everyone in this book will be talked about in this review! Let’s start with the characters!

Allison (Allie) Sekemoto: Awesome! Coolest vampire chick there was! She kicks butt with her katana and fangs! I lurv her with all my might. She was a little depressing at times, but characters can’t be all rainbows and unicorns! But I really liked her character, she is so ballsy!


Kanin: This character was most definitely not all about rainbows and unicorns.His part in the story was extremely short, and I wanted more of Kanin. For a while I thought that him and Alli would end up together. So I shipped them a lil’ bit. He was most definitely dark and mysterious. I didn’t really like him when he Changed Alli. I thought it was a “Ummmm” moment. Just extremely awkward, common, and super cheesy.

Zeke: I love Zeke. He is so sweet and kind. I love him. Have I mentioned that I love him? Yes? Well, lemme tell you again, I love him. He was the closest thing to human in this book and he was very compassionate. I ship him with Alli so hard, I literally can’t even.


Jackal: He really was somethin’ special. He was an interesting “brother” not as bad as Sebastian Morgenstern, but pretty bad brother. If my brother ever stabbed me with a stake… Well, neither of us would be alive. I think he is either dead, or he needs to be dead. It is amazing on how much information flies outta my head after I read a book.

Jeb: Hmmm, I really didn’t like Jeb. Really. Jeb was really bent on thinking that Alli was a Demon. Sure, she is a demon, but she is not a bad demon. She was a good demon. And he reminded me of those people in church, you know the people who try to recruit you to their church immediately, you know those people? Yeah, he is those people. He was super religious and I preferred Alli’s way of religion. Jeb was strange and very selfish.

Summary of the Story: Allison Sekemoto and her gang of poor little humans all get attacked one night by rabids. Almost everyone dies. The weak one runs off into the night, and Alli nearly dies. Then Kanin comes, and he offers her a new life as a vampire. She didn’t wanna die, so she turned. Kanin taught her the ways of a vampire, the rules, how to fight. She chose a Katana as her weapon. But Kanin and Alli get found in the area they stay in, and they have to seperate.

Alli then, leaves the vampire city, and goes into nicer territory. She finds a little boy named Caleb, and he cannot find his group. Alli of course, helps him and they find Ruth and Zeke. They take Alli and Caleb back and they feed Alli (even though she can’t eat human food, she throws up.) Ruth hates Alli but that really isn’t all that important. And Zeke loooooves Alli. Alli learns who they are and what they do.

They are a group of people looking for Eden (as in the garden of Eden.) Jeb is their leader and they are always searching for Eden, to escape from the demons. That is the extent of the summary.

There were many occasions when I would’ve done somethin’ differently. Like when Jackal asked her if she wanted to join him. I would’ve said yes, but I would be a spy, and I would save the others. If I joined Jackal’s side and put a mask on, and then he would have never guessed that I was going to save those humans. He would think that I was a loyal “sister.” I would not just let him try to kill me. That is just wrong!


And when she was drinking from Zeke, and wouldn’t stop! She kept telling herself over and over to stop. She noticed what she was doing, she didn’t stop. I just here like:

waiting……  waitstoolong

When Zeke found out that Alli was a vampire I felt like my heart was breaking. I laid on the floor crying, as if my boyfriend found it I was a vampire. Don’t y’all just hate it when your significant other finds out when you are a blood-sucking demon? Ugh! I just hate that! Well, not that they were dating, but they obviously had the major feels about each other. I only ship people when they have the feels. But whatever.

Thankfully, in the end when Alli saves them all from Jackal and the Raiders, they ALL know that she had not joined the dark side. Even though she nearly died a lot of times in the process. Superhero Alli to the rescue!

superheroalliDoesn’t look a thing like Alli, but whatever. It’ll do.

But I like how Kagawa wrote this vampire world. Vampires are actually bad in this one, they are not moody, they don’t sparkle in the sun, they own up to what they are and they don’t try to change it. If anything, they are trying to end the population of humans. They hate them and despise them. I wish that all species could just get along!!! Can’t we all just get along? Kumbaya…!

The False Prince Review

Title: The False Prince Author: Jennifer A. Nielson Star Rating: 3

Title: The False Prince
Author: Jennifer A. Nielson
Star Rating: 0.00000

So, I didn’t like it. Well, I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t like it. So I give it three stars because it wasn’t poorly written.It just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Non-Spoilery Summary: It is about a orphan boy, Sage, who was running from a butcher when a man named Conner found. Conner paid the head woman in charge for Sage. Conner took in three other orphans. Conner wants to rule and he needs a boy to act like the prince, and Conner will basically control the boy like a puppet while he is royal.

I don’t really have much to say because I really didn’t like it. Most of the end was incredibly predictable. But the way the author wrote the end made me roll my eyes. It was extremely weird. They guy (Roden) you thought was gonna be his friend, betrayed him and tried to kill him. It was a glorious occasion. Then, the guy (Tobias) you thought who was gonna kill Sage in the end, ended up bein’ his bestie. I just don’t understand how that happened. I would have made Roden a bad guy, but I would pair him up with Tobias.

Warning, Now this has Major Spoilers!: So, Sage ends up actually being the prince. Not just the one who won the spot as the prince, but he was ACTUALLY the prince. Which I obviously didn’t see coming. You know why I didn’t see it coming? Because we read it 1st Person, Sage’s Point of View. I just don’t understand how we were hearing Sage’s thoughts, but we didn’t know a single thing about his plans or the fact that he was the prince. Me:

I just, literally can't even!

I just, literally can’t even!

If I were going to write that kind of surprise I would write in third person! Wouldn’t that just make more sense?!

And the Tobias and Roden thing, seriously. This was Tobias: If I knew who you were, I never would have tried to kill you. I am sorry! *bows down* Please forgive me, Master!

Me: Scuse You

Yeah, well, I would complain about some more things, but I am super tired, and I hear NaNo calling for me!