Dragon’s Loyalty Award


Thank you Cath @ Trust in the Words for nominating me!

The Rules:

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  • Announce your win with a post link the blogger who awarded you.
  • Present 6 deserving bloggers with the award.
  • Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded.
  • Write seven interesting things about you.

My Nominations:

Kelly @ Stellar Scrutiny

Cat @ The Book Finch

Kat @ Bookbox by Kat

Lisa @ Remarkably Lisa

Stefanie @ Your Daughter’s Bookshelf

Melanie @ Books Are My Children

Seven Facts About Meh:

  1. It takes me days to write blog posts, because of procrastinating. This one took me like, a week.
  2. My obsession with Misha Collins is real, and I have a Pinterest board dedicated to him.
  3. I agree with pretty much all of the teenager posts.


  1. I hate how when I add a picture to my numbered list it changes the list, and I forgot how to fix it.
  2. I absolutely despise the color orange, it is evil and haunts me in my nightmares.
  3. I am fluent in two languages, English and Sarcasm.
  4. I hate drinking water, even though it is essential for humans.







The Beautiful Blogger Award


Thank you Kelly @ Stellar Scrutiny for nominating me for this beautiful award!

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  • List seven random facts about you.
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Seven Random Facts About Me:

  1. I am starting to struggle a lil’ bit because during these situations, I cannot remember a single thing about myself. ūüė¶
  2. My favorite animal is the wolf!
  3. I have the Supernatural parody by the Hillywood Show in my head.
  4. I may be extremely obsessed with Misha Collins.
  5. I hate it when people expect me to share gum with them, but when they have some, I beg for a piece.
  6. I have gone so far on Pinterest, that it ran out of pins… I had to refresh the page…
  7. My favorite kind of hot tea, is SleepyTime Tea.

Lisa @ Remarkably Lisa

Cat @ The Book Finch

Kiwi @ Kiwi Reads

Bree @ The Literary Hellion

Brigette @ The Book and The Bone

Lila @ The Bookkeeper’s Secret

Jen @ Combustible Reviews



The Infinity Dreams Award


Thank you to the two beautiful people who nominated me! Kelly @ Stellar Scrutiny and Paige @ The Wild Readers! You guys are awesome!

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  • Tell us 11 facts about yourself.
  • Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers and set 11 questions for them.
  1. I absolutely, positively, hate squash. All squash. Pumpkin, its all very nasty!
  2. I dyed the back of my hair dark brown.
  3. After reading the Harry Potter series, I waited for my Hogwarts letter. Every bird that flew past the house, I thought was an owl delivering my letter. Sadly my letter never came.
  4. I am one of those poor people who get books based on their covers.
  5. I absolutely love horror movies even though I am a huge scaredy-cat.
  6. I am learning how to speak Spanish, though whenever my Spanish-speaking friends ask me to say something, I seem to lose all knowledge on the language.
  7. If I were in Star Wars, I would be on the Dark Side.


  1. After reading the book “It” by Stephen King, I thought that the clown was under my bed every night.
  2. I took my aptitude test and I am Divergent! You cannot control me!
  3. I never fail to cry at those ASPCA commercials.
  4. I can only remember my vowels in Spanish…

Paige’s Questions:

  1. Favorite singer/band? Panic! At the Disco
  2. If you were going to be sorted into the 4 Houses, which house would you be in? Ravenclaw
  3. Least Favorite Series? The Night House Series
  4. Favorite literary couple that you ship?¬†Ummmm… Fourtris (Four and Tris from the Divergent series)
  5. Favorite Disney movie? Mulan
  6. If you could travel free for a month, where would you go? Savannah, Georgia. New York City, New York. Tokyo Japan.
  7. TV Series that you love? Scandal!!! 
  8. Which social media would you choose? Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr? Tumblr, for sure! 
  9. Pet Peeves you hate the most?¬†People who sit next to on the bus when there are other seats, double negatives, people who read aloud… People who say that the Hunger Games and Divergent are the same thing.
  10. YA Contemporary or YA Fantasy? YA Fantasy
  11. Hunger Games or Divergent? Divergent. I only like the first book in the Hunger Games Trilogy.

Kelly’s Questions:

  1. What book are you most looking forward to this year? A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas
  2. Who would be your fictional best friend? Cather from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
  3. *poof* I am a genie! What are your three wishes? I would like a Maine Coon Cat, for Destiel to be canon, and a life time supply of mascara.
  4. Enough of all those heroes, who’s your favorite villain?¬†Lucifer in Supenatural!


  1. What Greek God are you most like? *takes quiz* Dionysus!
  2. What decade would you want to live in for the rest of your life?¬†Erm, the 90’s
  3. How many books do you own? *cries* 19
  4. What fictional universe would you hate to live in? Obviously Panem in the Hunger Games series. For extremely obvious reasons.
  5. Which author do you wish wrote more books? Veronica Roth
  6. Do you play any instruments? Yes, I play the best instrument in the whole wide world, the cello.


  1. What’s your least favorite romance in any book?¬†Instalove, because it is generally poorly written.

My Nominations:

Cat @ The Book Finch

Melaine @ Books Are My Children

Kat @ BookBox By Kat 

Ana @ Percy Reads

Cath @ Trust in the Words

Lila @ The Bookkeeper’s Secrets

Brigitte @ The Book and The Bone

Kiwi @ Kiwi Reads

Brittany @ The Grisha Lieutenant

Stefanie @ Your Daughter’s Bookshelf

Bree @ The Literary Hellion

Questions for my beautiful nominees:

  • If you could meet any fictional character, who would you want to meet?
  • When did you know that you wanted a blog?
  • What is your favorite book series?
  • Star Wars or Star Trek?
  • What is your favorite animal?
  • What is your patronus?
  • Tea or Coffee?
  • Which character, out of all the books you have read, did you like the least?
  • What is your latest obsession?
  • Would you rather be a demigod or a wizard?
  • Favorite music genre?




The Liebster Award


Thank you Brigitte over at The Book and The Bone! I feel so honored!

The Rules:

  • Acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display the award.
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  • Give 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 5-11 blogs you think are deserving of the award that have less than 200 followers.
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  • Give them 11 questions to answer

The Questions:

What was your favorite book as a child?

Giraffe’s Can’t Dance

Which book do you love to hate?


If you had the chance to travel in time (both ways), which century would you visit and why?

I would go to the 19th Century in London because one of my favorite book series is during that time period.

Do you finish the nutella/[insert spread of your choice here] and then put the jar back for others to find, or do you admit to having finished it?

I would admit to have finished it.

Which author is an automatic read for you?

Cassandra Clare

If you had to choose: Twilight or 50 Shade of Grey?

Ugh, this is hard. But Twilight.

Do you read classics?

Sometimes, and by sometimes I mean once a year.

Will you be watching the new Shadowhunters series?

I will be, even though I hated the first episode

How do you celebrate the new year?

I stay up until midnight for the countdown and drink sparkling grape juice.

Would you read a book just to rant about it/make fun of it?

Yes, I often just go through the bad books to make fun of it.

Do you agree with the philosophical theory that feeling emotions towards books/series/films/fictional situations is inappropriate because we know it’s not real and therefore shouldn’t feel anything?

No, I don’t agree with that at all.

My Eleven Random Facts:

  1. I am obsessed with a cereal called Marsh Mellow Mateys.
  2. I am a huge shipper of Destiel.
  3. Mexican food is my favorite food.
  4. I hate gift cards.
  5. I lately, I have an addiction to fanfiction.
  6. I play the cello.
  7. I am obsessed with green apple fruit snacks.
  8. I have a big, fat unicorn named Charlie.
  9. Even though I love the TV show Supernatural, I haven’t watched seasons 9, 10, or 11.
  10. Mountain Dew is my favorite soda.
  11. I grew up watching Friends, I have all seasons!

My Nominations:

Kelly @ Stellar Scrutiny

Fafa @ FaFa’s Book Corner

Kiwi @ Kiwi Reads 

Katerina (Kat) @ Bookbox by Kat

Brittany @ The Grisha Lieutenant

Yasmin @ The Wild Readers

My Questions For My Nominees:

  • What is your main fandom?
  • What is your favorite book and why?
  • Do you have an OTP (one true pairing), if so, who?
  • If you could be any fictional character, who would it be?
  • Are you a dog person or a cat person?
  • If you could eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  • What are your favorite and least favorite colors?
  • What mythical creature do you think you would be?
  • What book/book series got you into reading?
  • What is your biggest fear?
  • Cake or Pie?







See, I have this awful problem. It is called “procrastinating.” This is probably one of my biggest problems and I wish that I had a solution. Most of this year (school year) has been:

Oh, I’ll do my homework later.

That video I need to take notes on can be watched later, its only 50+ points to my grade.

I need to read, I have a challenge I need to finish. But reading/writing fanfiction sounds much more fun!

Oh, look at all the homework I have. Well, maybe Shadow and I could work on it together at our sleepover! (not)

But now, this big issue is effecting my blog. It has been over a week since my last blog post and I have 3 drafts, all that have been started, but never finished. Of course, all the things above are more important than starting posts and not finishing them! But, this issue has made me realize that: “OMG, I have a project due on Wednesday, and I need visuals for the project! Gah!” or “Holy Guacamole, I have to watch 4 videos and do notes on them!”

The funny thing is, is that while I am a huge procrastinator, I have the world’s largest fear of failure. These things really should not go together. It makes life more scary and depressing. So, last semester, I freaked out one night about how much I wasn’t doing, and how my beautiful A’s were getting dropped to B’s. Sadly, it was way too late for me to do those assignments and that the semester was going to end in a couple of days.

Though, I know I haven’t always had this problem. I used to be teacher’s pet and all. SO that leads me to believe that I am picking it up from someone.

Are any of you procrastinators?



Doesn’t this look so awesome? Well, I was really hyped to watch Shadowhunters after the extreme disappointment that was the movie. I waited¬†FOREVER¬†for this to finally come out. I watched the clips, the panels.¬†Whined about it and made my friends deaf by screaming over the phone about it.

In my opinion, the first episode was as bad as the movie. I am super mad about the casting, and I prolly won’t get over it. I am just so upset that it ended up like this. NOt only was the casting bad, but the girl who played Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara) had some awful scenes. And by awful, I was embarrassed that I was sitting in the same room as my parents, because all of the bad acting. It made Clary look so dumb! (Well, she wasn’t the brightest light in the book, but she wasn’t so blood freakin’ dumb!)


And the New York Institute! Don’t even get me started! It was high tech and had multiple shadowhunters in it. In the books, its only Alec, Izzy, Jace and Clary. But nooo! I preferred the movie’s institute.

Did Jace come off as creepy to anyone? Seriously, my sister and I stared at the TV like:


Jace is supposed to be hot, funny, sarcastic. Instead he is hot, boring, and creepy as Hell! Why? The actor does look more how I imagined Jace than Jamie Campbell Bower, but I wanted him to have longer hair! GRR!

Let’s talk about being able to see Valentine’s point of view. I was sooo thrilled that we got to see what was going on there. But I preferred Jonathon Rhys Meyers as Valentine (which is funny because I hated him as Valentine… I just want my way!) But where they were located looked really cheesy and fake. Not only that but grungy.

How Clary finds out about the Circle coming to find her and Jocelyn was awful! The whole point was that Clary’s mom was kidnapped without a single warning. All Clary got was a worried phone call. But no! In Shadowhunters, things were fastly explained to her. Although she didn’t process any of it and just stared at Jocelyn in shock, things were explained to her about a billion times.

Lemme just tell you about the whole ‘Simon at the institute’ scene. Simon showed up and Clary went down to greet him. Simon think that she was crazy. The best line in that episode was Simon telling Clary that maybe they needed to talk about a drug problem.

Anyway, I am extremely frustrated with the show so far and I hope that the next episodes will be better. And that Katherine McNamara’s acting gets better throughout the show! Hopefully, if you watched it, you enjoyed it more than I did.



The Fill-In Boyfriend


Title: The Fill-In       Boyfriend             Author: Kasie West Star Rating: 4.5

This book was extremely cute! I mean, the ending was extremely cheesy (which is why I gave it a 4.5 not a 5 star rating. The ending of a book is obviously important.) The characters were good and they did develop throughout the book. It was such a good easy read, it only took me a couple of hours to finish it.

It is about a girl named Gia. She is extremely popular, has it all. Friends, the perfect family, the perfect boyfriend. She is president of student council. But then her boyfriend dumps her on prom night (one that her friends don’t believe that was real.) She is desperate and finds Hayden, who she persuades to be her boyfriend for the night.

I couldn’t really relate the MC, Gia. She and I were kind of opposites. She was popular and president of the student council. I am not… At all. But She did realize that she wasn’t really happy with what she had, that she was really just putting on a smile for show. That’s what I liked about her. That she realized these things, and overcame obstacles.

Okay, my favorite character in the book is Bec. She seems like the only one in this book who is a normal teenager. She acts like she has feelings, unlike the other characters in this book. I don’t think that Hayden (the fill-in boyfriend) changed Gia, I think Bec did. She was the only one who really stood up to Gia and her “popular” friends. She told Gia to embrace her feelings, to scream them, to let them out. Not just put on a smile and act like you are happy. She also got Hayden and Gia back together by something extremely clever.

The one scene I really liked in this book was when they throw baseballs at the house, to let their feelings out. I have no idea as to why the person from church let them throw the baseballs at windows, cars, and a the house itself, just for twenty dollars. You best believe that if you are going to break my items that you are going to pay for them fully and not a measly amount of money!

Let’s talk about the bad parts, shall we?


Okay, so the ending was extremely cheesy. Extremely. At the end Gia talks to her mother and tells her that she wants all the emotions to be felt, that she wants her family to be open about how they feel. The mother holds Gia to her chest and cries talking about how grown up Gia is. Ugh.

The brother is a complete butt. I swear to the Gods. He video taped her and showed his whole campus, posted it up online. And then didn’t even feel sorry about it. Didn’t apologize to Gia. Their parents were actually proud of the brother. Then, he wasn’t even happy about Gia coming to see the Award Ceremony. GAH! Book characters are so awful. I don’t think I know anybody who would do that to me.

Then, the brother tries to make up for it by bringing her ex to dinner with her friends.

Regardless of the cheesy ending, I highly rec this book to anybody who wants an easy read, or a cute romance!