Doesn’t this look so awesome? Well, I was really hyped to watch Shadowhunters after the extreme disappointment that was the movie. I waited FOREVER for this to finally come out. I watched the clips, the panels. Whined about it and made my friends deaf by screaming over the phone about it.

In my opinion, the first episode was as bad as the movie. I am super mad about the casting, and I prolly won’t get over it. I am just so upset that it ended up like this. NOt only was the casting bad, but the girl who played Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara) had some awful scenes. And by awful, I was embarrassed that I was sitting in the same room as my parents, because all of the bad acting. It made Clary look so dumb! (Well, she wasn’t the brightest light in the book, but she wasn’t so blood freakin’ dumb!)


And the New York Institute! Don’t even get me started! It was high tech and had multiple shadowhunters in it. In the books, its only Alec, Izzy, Jace and Clary. But nooo! I preferred the movie’s institute.

Did Jace come off as creepy to anyone? Seriously, my sister and I stared at the TV like:


Jace is supposed to be hot, funny, sarcastic. Instead he is hot, boring, and creepy as Hell! Why? The actor does look more how I imagined Jace than Jamie Campbell Bower, but I wanted him to have longer hair! GRR!

Let’s talk about being able to see Valentine’s point of view. I was sooo thrilled that we got to see what was going on there. But I preferred Jonathon Rhys Meyers as Valentine (which is funny because I hated him as Valentine… I just want my way!) But where they were located looked really cheesy and fake. Not only that but grungy.

How Clary finds out about the Circle coming to find her and Jocelyn was awful! The whole point was that Clary’s mom was kidnapped without a single warning. All Clary got was a worried phone call. But no! In Shadowhunters, things were fastly explained to her. Although she didn’t process any of it and just stared at Jocelyn in shock, things were explained to her about a billion times.

Lemme just tell you about the whole ‘Simon at the institute’ scene. Simon showed up and Clary went down to greet him. Simon think that she was crazy. The best line in that episode was Simon telling Clary that maybe they needed to talk about a drug problem.

Anyway, I am extremely frustrated with the show so far and I hope that the next episodes will be better. And that Katherine McNamara’s acting gets better throughout the show! Hopefully, if you watched it, you enjoyed it more than I did.




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