The Fill-In Boyfriend


Title: The Fill-In       Boyfriend             Author: Kasie West Star Rating: 4.5

This book was extremely cute! I mean, the ending was extremely cheesy (which is why I gave it a 4.5 not a 5 star rating. The ending of a book is obviously important.) The characters were good and they did develop throughout the book. It was such a good easy read, it only took me a couple of hours to finish it.

It is about a girl named Gia. She is extremely popular, has it all. Friends, the perfect family, the perfect boyfriend. She is president of student council. But then her boyfriend dumps her on prom night (one that her friends don’t believe that was real.) She is desperate and finds Hayden, who she persuades to be her boyfriend for the night.

I couldn’t really relate the MC, Gia. She and I were kind of opposites. She was popular and president of the student council. I am not… At all. But She did realize that she wasn’t really happy with what she had, that she was really just putting on a smile for show. That’s what I liked about her. That she realized these things, and overcame obstacles.

Okay, my favorite character in the book is Bec. She seems like the only one in this book who is a normal teenager. She acts like she has feelings, unlike the other characters in this book. I don’t think that Hayden (the fill-in boyfriend) changed Gia, I think Bec did. She was the only one who really stood up to Gia and her “popular” friends. She told Gia to embrace her feelings, to scream them, to let them out. Not just put on a smile and act like you are happy. She also got Hayden and Gia back together by something extremely clever.

The one scene I really liked in this book was when they throw baseballs at the house, to let their feelings out. I have no idea as to why the person from church let them throw the baseballs at windows, cars, and a the house itself, just for twenty dollars. You best believe that if you are going to break my items that you are going to pay for them fully and not a measly amount of money!

Let’s talk about the bad parts, shall we?


Okay, so the ending was extremely cheesy. Extremely. At the end Gia talks to her mother and tells her that she wants all the emotions to be felt, that she wants her family to be open about how they feel. The mother holds Gia to her chest and cries talking about how grown up Gia is. Ugh.

The brother is a complete butt. I swear to the Gods. He video taped her and showed his whole campus, posted it up online. And then didn’t even feel sorry about it. Didn’t apologize to Gia. Their parents were actually proud of the brother. Then, he wasn’t even happy about Gia coming to see the Award Ceremony. GAH! Book characters are so awful. I don’t think I know anybody who would do that to me.

Then, the brother tries to make up for it by bringing her ex to dinner with her friends.

Regardless of the cheesy ending, I highly rec this book to anybody who wants an easy read, or a cute romance!


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  1. This sounds like a fun read! I was never one of the popular kids when I was in school. Now I’m older I have a weird fascination with books about them. Whenever I read about popular kids, it makes me very grateful that I was a total nerd. I think it made it much easier for me to be myself from a much younger age!

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  2. I’m glad that you liked it!

    I found that Gia also took part in changing herself. And yeah I never felt that Hayden created a change in her. Hanging around Bec and Hayden did make her realize that she wasn’t happy with her life. Yeah I didn’t like her brother or her parents. But I was happy when they made up. And it was brilliant on the authors part to show you just how addicted people are to technology! How did you find Gia’s friends? And how about Hayden?

    Great review 🙂

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