See, I have this awful problem. It is called “procrastinating.” This is probably one of my biggest problems and I wish that I had a solution. Most of this year (school year) has been:

Oh, I’ll do my homework later.

That video I need to take notes on can be watched later, its only 50+ points to my grade.

I need to read, I have a challenge I need to finish. But reading/writing fanfiction sounds much more fun!

Oh, look at all the homework I have. Well, maybe Shadow and I could work on it together at our sleepover! (not)

But now, this big issue is effecting my blog. It has been over a week since my last blog post and I have 3 drafts, all that have been started, but never finished. Of course, all the things above are more important than starting posts and not finishing them! But, this issue has made me realize that: “OMG, I have a project due on Wednesday, and I need visuals for the project! Gah!” or “Holy Guacamole, I have to watch 4 videos and do notes on them!”

The funny thing is, is that while I am a huge procrastinator, I have the world’s largest fear of failure. These things really should not go together. It makes life more scary and depressing. So, last semester, I freaked out one night about how much I wasn’t doing, and how my beautiful A’s were getting dropped to B’s. Sadly, it was way too late for me to do those assignments and that the semester was going to end in a couple of days.

Though, I know I haven’t always had this problem. I used to be teacher’s pet and all. SO that leads me to believe that I am picking it up from someone.

Are any of you procrastinators?


14 thoughts on “Procrastinating

  1. I’m a total procrastinator !! I’m supposed to be reading my chapters for class tomorrow and instead, I joined wordpress and I’m trying to meet as many cool bloggers as possible. Haha my professor is totally not going to appreciate that. I’m glad i found your blog though and I would love if you would check mine out!

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  2. Guess who’s on wordpress instead of studying for her exam in two days? Thats would be me. I’m so bad at not procrastinating, I make other people look studious… *looks away in shame*

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  3. I procrastinate about several things: shopping, paying bills, cleaning ceiling fans — things I hate doing! Get your As back or I’ll make you do those things 😉


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