Pretty Book Covers

In the YA world, there are so many beautiful covers. And half of the time, they are not even good books. It drives the reader out of their mind. These pretty book covers lure the poor readers in. For example:


This book was awful and I loved the cover!

You guys read my review for this wretched book and know now that it is awful.


This book was possibly one of the worst books I have ever read (oh, look, another blog post idea!) This book was like Die For Me. And the cover lured many into reading it. Man, was it a huge time waster. My grandmother and my grandfather bought it for me and I wish I picked another book. What a waste of their money.


Look how pretty that is! Well, I think it is pretty any way. But this book was so boring I literally couldn’t even. No climax whatsoever and the romance was dreadful. The characters didn’t have any likable qualities. And I thought that the MC’s love interest was creepy as the day is long.


This one wasn’t as bad as the others, but it certainly wasn’t the cat’s meow. It was full of YA stereotypes. Gah! Most of the stereotypes aren’t good things to have in the book. Like the cheesy romance with the Son of Lust.


This book was so beautiful, got some good book reviews. So I thought, “What could go wrong?!” Everything! Everything went wrong. It was rushed. It was confusing. It was weird.


This wasn’t a “bad” book. But it wasn’t as good as the other books. All of the other books were freakin’ fantastic while this one was just “meh” and obviously could’ve been better. The expectation was set pretty high… The fifth one comes out this year and I am so excited! YAY!

Did I miss any? Tell me in the comment section! 😀

Stereotypes of YA Characters

Okay, so a blogger I follow did one on the parents in YA and I think I should include all of the characters. So here you have it! A stereotypical blog post based on the books I love!


Everyone knows that the parents are never around. EVER. So, normally they have demanding jobs and the kids sorta hafta fend for themselves, watch over themselves. And there is rarely a father and a mother. It is normally just the mother, and she is totally worried about her daughter but never is around.

The parents never notice the weird stuff going on in the MC’s life, doesn’t notice that  (for example) the kids next door don’t have parents or that is niece grew from infant size to the size of an eight year old in months. And the parents will not take notice to the completely strange (and described attractive) character that their child is dating.


The main character is probably female. She, like I said in the parent section, has one parent. Maybe they divorced, maybe he was never around. Whatever happened, the father is not going to be around. The character is in high school and may graduate further in the series. She is most likely flat chested, small, and blonde. She probably hates her body.


Ugh, these people. They are probably the worst one out of all the stereotypes. They are described as “hot” and “other-worldly.” Its like the character had never seen the opposite sex before and it drives me outta my mind. And of course, these characters are nothing compared to anyone else in the MC’s life. That person is more important than everyone else in the world because they are incredibly attractive and are “different.”

Did I miss any stereotypes? Let me know in the comment section below!


Sleeping Positions


I don’t know about you, but I need and love sleep. If I don’t get at least 12 hours of sleep, I look like this:



and I get very emotional. By emotional I mean, I hate everything. Coffee cannot cure it. Neither can affection. Actually if you touch me, something clicks inside of my brain and I will, most likely, devise a revenge plan. I don’t talk much, unlike Mew, who never ceases to talk no matter what time of the day it is. She is a happy morning person.


But, because sleep is such a magical thing, it makes you have many types of sleeping positions. I sleep like a starfish, I sprawl out on my bed and I need as much room as possible. Actually, if you get in my way while I am trying to sleep, you will have some injuries. Or I will yell at you. And if you ask Mew, she’ll tell you that she has woken up on my floor.

Mew, sleeps like a burrito. Wrapped up in many blankets, and sometimes, I will roll over to look at her, and I can’t find her. But she looks kind of like a baby wrapped up in blankets. Like a burrito.



If I am not sleeping like a starfish, I will be sleeping like I am running. One leg up and the other a little folded. Once again, taking up a whole bunch of space.

Then, you have those lucky people that sleep in completely normal like. While I am just like, “How do you even do that?” Shadow is one of these people. She just sleeps straight. It doesn’t even look normal! She barely takes up any room. Its not human. Its like when you see a person waking up in a movie. These people just don’t look natural.

Then, there are people who slowly get closer to you while they sleep. These people annoy the living daylights outta me. They breathe on you and they get all over you. Ugh, those people. I once woke up and Mew

Finally, there is the type of people who sleep in little balls. I have heard this is called the “fetal” position. I envy those people…

Imma go guys!

(and currently I am reading Scarlet and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl! Wish me luck! Imma finish Scarlet tonight!)


The Creative Blogger Award


Wow! An award! The beautiful person who nominated me for this award was Kelly over at Stellar Scrutiny! Thank you Kelly!

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
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  • Nominate some bloggers in return and notify them about their nomination.
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Five Facts About Me:

  1. I have a huge arachnophobia to the point that I scream if I see one.
  2. I love all music except country.
  3. I had a huge obsession with Disney Princesses growing up, and my favorite one was Cinderella!
  4. My favorite color is purple.
  5. I have an extreme obsession with Unicorns.

My Nominees!

Fatima @ Fafa’s Book Corner

Kiwi @ Kiwi Reads 

Bree @ The Literary Hellion 

Brittany @ The Grisha Lieutenant





Snow finally came! I am so happy I can’t even word! Seriously. It has snowed tiny little evil snow that didn’t stick to the ground. Once.  But I woke up early in the morning for a midnight snack hunt. I looked out of the kitchen window to find SOOOO much snow! It was so much snow that I could barely see through it. It actually covered the ground! I did a little happy dance in the middle of the kitchen.

I even woke up Mew, though she didn’t care. She nodded and her face fell back on her pillow. There is no reason as to why I have to wait for it to be January for snow! It is supposed to be freezing cold to the point I have to snuggle under 6 blankets for warmth. But no! It has to stay over 50 degrees.

Though, taking the dog out in the snow is not fun. Whatsoever. I had to waddle on the ice covered ground while she tried to drag me across the ice. And I went to lock the gate behind me…. The gate was frozen in the ice and I flew when I tried move it. Then, I had to run in the backyard to find the dog to make sure that she wouldn’t run out of the gate.

While standing in the cold for the dog, my hands went numb. Tears fell. It is supposed to get colder! Colder throughout the week. The week just started. Monday morning is going to be awful… The kitchen floor is going to be a pain (the tile is porcelain and it gets real cold. )

My cat, Cletus, is the cutest when it snows. He sat on my chair and stared out the window and licked it. Yes, my kitty licked the window. Then, after licking the window, he pawed at the window as if to get at the snow. My Mummy-jay really enjoys putting up her phone to take a picture just to have him stop when she gets out her phone.


Die For Me


Title: Die For Me Author: Amy Plum Stars: 1


I hope that all of these books aren’t going to be terrible. This is basically another Twilight. And I hate it immensely. Luckily, it wasn’t a vampire book, but it did have immortals in it. Revenants and numa. Revenants die over and over again, saving people from death. And numa are the ones who cause death. Although they are immortal, they can age if they stop dying. They are also seen as zombies…? I read a couple of other reviews and they all referred to them as zombies, which I just thought was a joke in the book…

I don’t know what lured me in about the book. Could it be the gorgeous cover? Mhm. Though, now I don’t see the cover as gorgeous. Now I am all like, “What a cheesy book cover!” Everything about this book is cheesy. The characters, the cover, the plot. EVERYTHING!

Let’s start with the characters, shall we? We have the main girl, Kate. Who is Bella. Brown, dull hair. Very pale skin. She thinks that she is very unattractive. She is also described as a normal girl. Though, she is obviously obsessive and weird. But because her boyfriend is too, that makes everything okay!

Lemme tell you: This girl is a hot mess. She cries over everything (that may be something we have in common) and like I said, she is very obsessed with her boyfriend. While he was “dead” she sat next to his cold, dead body and liked it. She felt comfort in her boyfriend’s dead body.


She is that crazy…


And let’s talk about the fact that she shoved her family outta her life, because apparently, Vincent is the only person that really needs to be in her life right now. She occasionally talked to her grandparents. But when it came to her “close” sister, she just ignored her completely. I don’t know if you have a sibling, but unless you actually despise that sibling, you’re not going to shove the sibling outta your life for some other creature. So if you are close with your sibling, you especially do not shut them out. You tell them everything.

And her boyfriend, not that different. While using his magic zombie mojo, he became dormant (he becomes invisible) and stalked her. Multiple times. And she stalked him also… The crazy couples of YA people!

And then, you have the “close” sister. She, in my opinion, not as great as she is described to be. Kate just rambles on about her great sister. I don’t think that she is that great. I think she is careless and that instead of just worrying about Kate, their grandparents should pay very close attention to both sisters. Because despite all warnings, Georgia (the sister) went back to the evil villain, still went clubbing with the villain. EVEN THOUGH THE CRAZY STALKER COUPLE TOLD HER THAT HE WAS BAD NEWS. EVEN THOUGH THEY TALKED ABOUT THE BAD THINGS HE HAD DONE! She just thought to herself, “Bad boys are hot!” Gah! These characters!

And his family… Is the freaking Cullen family! You have the adoptive old man, who watches over the group. You have the newbie that did bad things. You have the sister of totally obsessive boyfriend, who wants to become MC’s bestie. Then, there is the really strong one. And they all live in a really big beautiful house.

While this book has good reviews and obsessed fangirls (like Twilight) I am advising you to stay away from it. Don’t let the pretty covers fool you people!


Vampire Kisses


Title: Vampire Kisses Author: Ellen Schreiber Stars: 0

I think I should just stay away from vampire books from now on. This book is the stereotypical vampire book. Except, it is worse. It is terrible. It took me a couple of hours to read it, so if you want a fast, easy read, this is obviously the correct choice!

The only reason I actually went through this whole book is because I thought it would have a different ending. The the guy (SPOILERS) would end up just a human. Or maybe that she would end up with Trevor Mitchell. That is how I would’ve ended it. If the book is going to be awful, I might as well make the ending unexpected.

The characters are just sad. You have the Gothic Girl who is intent on 1) becoming a vampire 2) dating a vampire and 3) having a nice Gothic Knight. And you have an evil gossiping friend who practically told the Gothic Girl’s enemy all about Gothic Girl’s personal life. Then, you have the Gothic Knight who is every single stereotype that vampires have.


Man, I thought that The House of Night series was awful… Man…

Well, I am not going to go far into detail, I think you get the point… I most definitely will not be reading the other 8 books.

Happy Reading Guys!