Problems of Being a Fangirl

Yes, I know that I have been gone for months. No, I don’t have an excuse, because I still want to blog, it is was one of my favorite things, and I enjoyed it immensely. But anyway, I am going to try to start focusing on my blog again (and I know that I said that last time…) But whatever, I shall continue this blog post.


Being a fangirl comes with many problems. Multiple. Once you learn how to take care of one problem, another one is created. But when you are a fangirl who belongs to so many fandoms that you can’t count them on your fingers, you have multiple problems.

Like ships. If you don’t know what a ship is, a ship is when you want two people to be together. Now, I ship everything in sight. When one ship doesn’t work out, I move to another ten thousand ships I have lined up in OTP Ocean.

We don’t find the ships. The ships find us. -Someone on the interweb

And then, you have another problem with ships. Most of them aren’t even canon (when the writers write the ship, when the characters are actually in a relationship) And then you are forced to live the rest of your sad fangirl life, reading fanfics. Which most aren’t even completed.

Another problem is when the series, or tv show, or movie series ends! It ends and you loved that series/tv show/movie series! Most of the time, it doesn’t end well, and doesn’t give you closure, causing you to feel like absolute crap. Which results in reading fanfiction, obsessions, and fanart.. Most of the time, you result by moving into a different fandom (my latest fandom is the Avengers fandom. And I may have a slight obsession with Captain America and Bucky.)

But my worst problem with being a fangirl, most recently, is when the book series you read gets turned into a movie/tv show, and the fangirls who love the tv show, think that they are bigger fangirls with you. The tv show is called “Shadowhunters” and its on Freeform. I did do a review on the pilot, and I haven’t continued to watch the show. The girls in my school have become obsessed with the tv show, but have not read the books, and will not (I have tried to persuade them.) And I hear them gushing about it across the room and I scowl at them, disapprovingly. Because they will never be a bigger fan than I.

A problem that I struggle with is when people tell you that you aren’t a real fan, because you haven’t been a part of that fandom from Day 1. Like, some people think that you aren’t truly a fan, but you know what makes you a fan? Being there until the last day.

One problem that I don’t seem to understand very well, is OTPs. Yes, I know that OTPs are called “One True Pairing” for a reason, but what if I have thousands of OTPs? What if I want thousands of OTPs? What if one OTP isn’t enough? I am, like I said, a person who has many ships. Which means, I am going to at least have one OTP for every fandom. “Solangelo” in Percy Jackson. “Destiel” in Supernatural. “Malec” in The Mortal Instruments.

*looks at all the OTPs and realized that they are all gay ships*

Anyway, these are just a couple of fangirl problems, I think that I will make at least a Part 2.

Happy reading my beautiful readers.