What I Am Currently Reading!

This month and next month, I have decided to read horror novels! Specifically, Stephen King. I have a few books checked out right now and I am super excited.

Y’all may or may not know this, but I am a sucker for horror and gore. Whether it is a movie/tv show or a book. A couple years ago I read “It”by Stephen King and it terrified me half to death, because I am scared of clowns (just can’t wait to watch American Horror Story Freak Show!)

Mummy-jay used to read a lot of Stephen King and stopped when she got to Gerald’s Game. It was too much for her, she says.

Which should be perfect for me in that case.

But, it is odd that I love horror, even though I am such a big ole scaredy cat (‘specially when it comes to spiders) I guess I just like being scared.

But after Gerald’s Game I plan to move onto The Tommyknockers and Cujo. I watched Cujo and it wasn’t too bad, but books are always better than movies. I am very, very excited about this months reading!

Happy reading!

Shows That I Have Grown An Obsession Over

Lately I have been watching a lot of tv shows. And it isn’t a surprise that as a fangirl, I have grown obsessed with them. But it is kind of ridiculous just how many tv shows I am now obsessed with.

Currently, my biggest obsession is American Horror Story. I am only on the second season, which is Asylum. Which so far, is not as good as Murder House. It’s really too early to say, because I know that the writers develop and unleash the secrets throughout the whole season. And as I am only on the third episode of Asylum, I can’t really say that it isn’t that good.

I have been told by Mummy-jay that all of them suck except Murder House. But I don’t mind all disgusting gore. Must admit though, I am a absolute scaredy cat, so it makes no sense as to why I would love horror and gore.

And my other obsession is Doctor Who. It was terribly cheesy for the first couple of episodes. I am talking about the cringe-worthy cheese. I cannot stand cheesy things in movies and books (unless it is romance, I just feel like cheesy stuff is necessary in romance books. But in paranormal/supernatural/science fiction, it’s just turrable. Though Mummy-jay says, “It’s science fiction, it’s going to be cheesy, just wait a bit.”

I am oh so glad that I did wait. Because now I ship Rose Tyler and the Doctor like freakin’ Fedex. *grins madly* To not to ship the Doctor and Rose Tyler is wrong. But hey, I am only on the first season, so maybe there shall be other ships waiting for me! *claps hands*

Aaaaaaand The Good Wife. I have watched The Good Wife before, but only the last few seasons. Now we have started it over to the beginning of the first season. *SPOILER* I just think that The Good Wife is sooo much better with Will. I didn’t want Will to die! *cries*

But we have started to The Good Wife again, and I am sucked in.

I have started to watch Once Upon A Time, too. But it is quite cliche so far, but I am aware of a ship in thanks to the beautiful fandom. Captain Swan! So, I have decided that I will wait up until said ship comes in, to decide about whether not I like it or not.

But that is just a little update on just how easily obsessed I can become.

Problems With Being A Fangirl Part 2

So, the more and more that I move into the fangirl life, the more I realize all the terrible things that come with being a fangirl. Lately, my struggle has been when I live those who don’t belong in fandoms.

Conversations between my family and I:

Me: aslksdjf
Mummy-jay: What are you doing?
Me: *chokes back on sobs* This ship, it is so beautiful!
Everyone nearby: *groans and rolls eyes all at the same time*
Someone else in the room: There goes Rowan again, talking about Destiel.
Me: YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND! And no, it’s not Destiel. Its Septiplier!


(though I kinda gotta give that someone props for remembering my OTP, Destiel.)

Also, being criticized for shipping… That is not cool, not even a little bit.. Not even criticized for what you ship, just being criticized for the fact that you ship anything, ever. Like, that is just not cool. I get that if you don’t understand the fangirl life, but to look at me like I am just a freak of nature, just because I want two fictional people to be together? Ugh, please no.

Shadow: What ship are gushing about now?
Me: Captain America x Bucky, it is so booful. They are goals *dreams about the beauty that is the ship*
Shadow: *sighs and shakes head*
Hunter: Why do you even ship things? Like, there is no point, those people aren’t even together in the movie!
Shadow: Rowan, you are supposed to ship Captain America x Iron Man.
Hunter: You people have problems.
Shadow and I at the same time: We do.

Fangirling in public… Don’t even get me started with this… Do you know the glances that one gets when one goes into full fledged fangirl mood?




Even worse: When you are in school, and you are reading your book, and your OTP does something, absolutely adorable and you squeal (or maybe you do something even more than squeal). Making everyone stare at you, and then you feel like you have to explain yourself.. Which creates more looks..

Or maybe a death happens in a book and it just absolutely kills you on the inside. I am one of those poor souls that falls over in agony and bawl my eyes out. In that case:

Me: *cries out and clutches chest as I fall to the floor*

Classmate: Rowan, what in the holy hell is wrong with you? *backs away*

Me: He died! I am dying! Oh stars above, why?!

Classmate: *looks at me in disgust* It’s gonna be okay, it’s just a book.

Me: What?

Can we just talk about when people say “It’s just a book?” No, no it’s not just a book. It is my life, and someone in my life just got literally stabbed in the back. By someone that was supposed to be his friend.. But I think I can live through it. I think, I don’t know for sure.. *glances at the book I just threw at the wall*

But I digress, those are just the most recent issues I struggle with. Happy reading, my beautiful readers!






I Am Back!

Okay, like I had previously said, I don’t really have an excuse for being gone for so long. And I don’t wanna be one of those bloggers that writes about once a month. Honestly, I can’t even believe that it has been this long, but I did not have a device that I could post blog posts on. But now I am back and will try to be more active. *facepalms*

I know that I have said that, two times before and you prolly don’t even believe me anymore. But I will try to post more often now. I am terribly sorry, I cannot even express how awful it feels not to write a post since April..

But I digress. I will try my very best not to be a major procrastinator and actually post!