Shows That I Have Grown An Obsession Over

Lately I have been watching a lot of tv shows. And it isn’t a surprise that as a fangirl, I have grown obsessed with them. But it is kind of ridiculous just how many tv shows I am now obsessed with.

Currently, my biggest obsession is American Horror Story. I am only on the second season, which is Asylum. Which so far, is not as good as Murder House. It’s really too early to say, because I know that the writers develop and unleash the secrets throughout the whole season. And as I am only on the third episode of Asylum, I can’t really say that it isn’t that good.

I have been told by Mummy-jay that all of them suck except Murder House. But I don’t mind all disgusting gore. Must admit though, I am a absolute scaredy cat, so it makes no sense as to why I would love horror and gore.

And my other obsession is Doctor Who. It was terribly cheesy for the first couple of episodes. I am talking about the cringe-worthy cheese. I cannot stand cheesy things in movies and books (unless it is romance, I just feel like cheesy stuff is necessary in romance books. But in paranormal/supernatural/science fiction, it’s just turrable. Though Mummy-jay says, “It’s science fiction, it’s going to be cheesy, just wait a bit.”

I am oh so glad that I did wait. Because now I ship Rose Tyler and the Doctor like freakin’ Fedex. *grins madly* To not to ship the Doctor and Rose Tyler is wrong. But hey, I am only on the first season, so maybe there shall be other ships waiting for me! *claps hands*

Aaaaaaand The Good Wife. I have watched The Good Wife before, but only the last few seasons. Now we have started it over to the beginning of the first season. *SPOILER* I just think that The Good Wife is sooo much better with Will. I didn’t want Will to die! *cries*

But we have started to The Good Wife again, and I am sucked in.

I have started to watch Once Upon A Time, too. But it is quite cliche so far, but I am aware of a ship in thanks to the beautiful fandom. Captain Swan! So, I have decided that I will wait up until said ship comes in, to decide about whether not I like it or not.

But that is just a little update on just how easily obsessed I can become.


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