What I Am Currently Reading!

This month and next month, I have decided to read horror novels! Specifically, Stephen King. I have a few books checked out right now and I am super excited.

Y’all may or may not know this, but I am a sucker for horror and gore. Whether it is a movie/tv show or a book. A couple years ago I read “It”by Stephen King and it terrified me half to death, because I am scared of clowns (just can’t wait to watch American Horror Story Freak Show!)

Mummy-jay used to read a lot of Stephen King and stopped when she got to Gerald’s Game. It was too much for her, she says.

Which should be perfect for me in that case.

But, it is odd that I love horror, even though I am such a big ole scaredy cat (‘specially when it comes to spiders) I guess I just like being scared.

But after Gerald’s Game I plan to move onto The Tommyknockers and Cujo. I watched Cujo and it wasn’t too bad, but books are always better than movies. I am very, very excited about this months reading!

Happy reading!


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